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As India’s leading uPVC windows and doors maker, Apex Windoors crafts weatherproof havens of style and security. Defy rain or shine with robust builds, customise your space with endless options and let innovative tech and modern aesthetics enhance your home. Experience the Simta Astrix difference – quality built to last, comfort guaranteed!

Apex Windoors redefines spaces with weatherproof uPVC, modern ABS and designer doors, each embodying comfort and security. Transform your home with a touch of style and practicality, making a lasting statement. Unfold your vision, as Simta Astrix crafts not just windows and doors but personalised narratives for your living spaces. Elevate your surroundings with a blend of durability and aesthetic finesse!

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At Apex Windoors, the manufacturing excellence revolves around cutting-edge machinery and high-quality global raw materials from esteemed companies like Renolit, Kaneka, LG and DuPont. Our system integrates precision through automated blending, European-made extrusion for profile dimension integrity and hot melt PUR for profile lamination. With a strong emphasis on R&D and quality standards, our efficient logistics, high stocking capacity and steady production further guarantee timely deliveries.

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