uPVC Arch Windows and Doors

uPVC Arch Windows and Doors

Sliding Windows

Apex Windoors uPVC Sliding windows offer space-saving solutions while incorporating a double-gasket system to ensure superior acoustic insulation and airtight seals. These windows boast larger steel chambers, enhancing stability and accommodating panels of various sizes. Our attention to detail extends to the construction, reinforcing corner strength at every welded joint and angle.

Our specialty is bringing premium uPVC sliding windows with 3-track and mosquito mesh options within reach of every customer. Enjoy the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and affordability with our white sliding windows.

Sliding Doors

Apex Windoors, India’s leading uPVC sliding doors manufacturer, offers premium solutions tailored to various requirements. Our uPVC sliding doors are ideal for high rises and coastal areas, ensuring excellent wind load performance, crucial in regions frequently subjected to high-speed winds.

Our uPVC sliding doors manufactured with broader steel chambers can withstand wind pressure of over 3000 PA, making them an exceptional choice for areas prone to severe weather conditions. Available in various sizes, our doors offer customisation options to match your specific concept and preferences. Additionally, strategically placed drain chambers facilitate efficient drainage, ensuring your space remains protected and dry during heavy rain or storms.

Applications of uPVC Sliding Windows and Doors

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
Showrooms and Retail Spaces
Balconies and Terraces
Residential Bathrooms
High-Rise Apartments
Efficient room dividers.