Why Collaborate with Simta Astrix?

A sustainable alternative to wood and aluminium, uPVC doors and windows from Simta Astrix are perfect for commercial and residential properties. Hassle-free installation, ease of usability, durability against environmental elements, and compatible safety features are the add-on attributes of the uPVC window door profiles.

We employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and imported high-tech machinery from Turkey and Austria… Our plant is fully automated with PLC/SCADA systems for consistency and quality in all products. Our predominantly white profiles are complemented by various other colours and a natural wood finish, enhancing the aesthetics with a simple yet chic look.

Casement System Single Glass

Sliding System 2 Track 2 panel

Sliding System 2.5 Track
2 panel with Mesh

Sliding System 3 Track 3 panel

uPVC Profiles Features

  • Dimensional Stability
  • Weather Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Maintenance free
  • Thermal Stability
  • Soundproof
  • Bugs free
  • Durability

Profile Section Details


CWLGB-01 Casement Frame 60

CWLGB-02 Casement Sash

CWLGB-03 Casement Mullion

CWLGB-26 Casement Frame 74

CWLGB-37False Mullion

CWLGB-27 Casement Z – Mullion

CWLGB-29 Casement Door Sash Outward 106

CWLGB-30 Casement Door Sash Inward 106

CWLGB-31 Window Sash Inward

CWLGB-49 Casement Sash 50

CWL-55 Ventilator Frame

CWLGB-17 Casement Single Bead

CWLGB-18 Casement Double Bead

CWLGB-19 Casement Mid Bead


SWL-04 Sliding Frame 2 Track

SWL-05 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track

SWL-06 Sliding Frame 3 Track

SWLGB-07 Sliding Sash 60

SWLGB-08 Sliding Sash 77

SWLGB-09Sliding Sash 84

SWL-11 Sliding Frame 2 Track (WOT)

SWL-12 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track (WOT)

SWL-13 Sliding Frame 3 Track (WOT)

SWL-23 Interlock 34

SWL-24 Interlock 42

SWL-25Interlock 43

SWL-14 Sliding Frame 2 Track 57 (WOT)

SWL-15 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track 57 (WOT)

SWL-10 Mosquito Sash

SWL-33 Mosquito Sash Mullion

SWLGB-34 Sliding Sash Mullion 38

SWLGB-35Sliding Sash Mullion 40

SWL-56 Mono-rail

SWLGB-20 Sliding Single Bead

SWLGB-21 Sliding Double Bead

SWLGB-22 Sliding Mosquito Bead

SWLGB-54 Sliding Single Bead 84


AWL-32 Add-on Track

AWL-36 Door Panel

AWL-38 Sliding Connector 38

AWL-39 Bay Pole

AWL-40 Bay Pole Adapter

AWL41Ventilator Cap

AWL-42 Ventilator Cap Punched

AWL-43 Square Bay 60 * 60

AWL-44 Square Bay 60 * 88

AWL-45 2.5 Track Connector

AWL-46 T – Connector

AWL-47Georgian Bar

AWL-48 S – Louver

AWL-50 Sliding Connector 40

AWL-51 3 Track Connector

AWL-57 Mosquito Mesh Cap

AWL-58 Georgian Bar Connector -A

DWL-64Door Panel 19mm

DWL-65 Door Louver

AWL-66 False Mullion Cap – Right

AWL-67 False Mullion Cap – Left

AWL-68 Add-on Track Button

AWL-69 Georgian Bar Connector

AWL-75Mosquito Sash Connector


CWLGB-79 Casement Frame-51

CWLGB-80 Casement Sash-51

CWLGB-81 Casement Mullion-51

CWLGB-82Casement Single Bead 51


SWL-77 Sliding Frame 2 Track – 52 (WOT)

SWL-71 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track – 80 (WOT)

SWL-78 Sliding Frame 3 Track – 92 (WOT)

SWLGB-72 Sliding Sash 60×34

SWL-73 Mosquito Sash 48

SWL-74Interlock 30

SWLGB-20 Sliding Single Bead

Closer View of uPVC Profile Features