A sustainable alternative to wood and aluminium, uPVC doors and windows from Simta Astrix are perfect for commercial and residential properties. Hassle-free installation, ease of usability, durability against environmental elements, and compatible safety features are the add-on attributes of the uPVC window door profiles.

We employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and imported high-tech machinery from Turkey and Austria… Our plant is fully automated with PLC/SCADA systems for consistency and quality in all products. Our predominantly white profiles are complemented by various other colours and a natural wood finish, enhancing the aesthetics with a simple yet chic look.

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Casement System
Single Glass

Casement System
Double Glass

Casement System
Tripe Glass

uPVC Profiles Features

Profile Section Details


CWLGB-01 Casement Frame 60

CWLGB-02 Casement Sash

CWLGB-03 Casement Mullion

CWLGB-26 Casement Frame 74

CWLGB-37False Mullion

CWLGB-27 Casement Z – Mullion

CWLGB-29 Casement Door Sash Outward 106

CWLGB-30 Casement Door Sash Inward 106

CWLGB-31 Window Sash Inward

CWLGB-49 Casement Sash 50

CWL-55 Ventilator Frame

CWLGB-17 Casement Single Bead

CWLGB-18 Casement Double Bead

CWLGB-19 Casement Mid Bead


SWL-04 Sliding Frame 2 Track

SWL-05 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track

SWL-06 Sliding Frame 3 Track

SWLGB-07 Sliding Sash 60

SWLGB-08 Sliding Sash 77

SWLGB-09Sliding Sash 84

SWL-11 Sliding Frame 2 Track (WOT)

SWL-12 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track (WOT)

SWL-13 Sliding Frame 3 Track (WOT)

SWL-23 Interlock 34

SWL-24 Interlock 42

SWL-25Interlock 43

SWL-14 Sliding Frame 2 Track 57 (WOT)

SWL-15 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track 57 (WOT)

SWL-10 Mosquito Sash

SWL-33 Mosquito Sash Mullion

SWLGB-34 Sliding Sash Mullion 38

SWLGB-35Sliding Sash Mullion 40

SWL-56 Mono-rail

SWLGB-20 Sliding Single Bead

SWLGB-21 Sliding Double Bead

SWLGB-22 Sliding Mosquito Bead

SWLGB-54 Sliding Single Bead 84


AWL-32 Add-on Track

AWL-36 Door Panel

AWL-38 Sliding Connector 38

AWL-39 Bay Pole

AWL-40 Bay Pole Adapter

AWL41Ventilator Cap

AWL-42 Ventilator Cap Punched

AWL-43 Square Bay 60 * 60

AWL-44 Square Bay 60 * 88

AWL-45 2.5 Track Connector

AWL-46 T – Connector

AWL-47Georgian Bar

AWL-48 S – Louver

AWL-50 Sliding Connector 40

AWL-51 3 Track Connector

AWL-57 Mosquito Mesh Cap

AWL-58 Georgian Bar Connector -A

DWL-64Door Panel 19mm

DWL-65 Door Louver

AWL-66 False Mullion Cap – Right

AWL-67 False Mullion Cap – Left

AWL-68 Add-on Track Button

AWL-69 Georgian Bar Connector

AWL-75Mosquito Sash Connector


CWLGB-79 Casement Frame-51

CWLGB-80 Casement Sash-51

CWLGB-81 Casement Mullion-51

CWLGB-82Casement Single Bead 51


SWL-71 Sliding Frame 2.5 Track – 80 (WOT)

SWLGB-72 Sliding Sash 60×34

SWL-73 Mosquito Sash 48

SWL-74Interlock 30

SWL-77 Sliding Frame 2 Track – 52 (WOT)

SWL-78 Sliding Frame 3 Track – 92 (WOT)

SWLGB-20 Sliding Single Bead

Closer View of uPVC Profile Features

Steel Reinforcement

The steel we use forms the backbone of our uPVC windows and doors.

Glazing System

Our glazing can be single, double and triple possibilities with our profile system. More glazing enhances waterproof and soundproof properties.


Our multi-chambered windows offer superior strength. They enhance energy efficiency, aquastic proof and thermal insulation.

Colour Variety

Choose from various colours, from contemporary to traditional wooden finishes. Our German-imported laminates come with style and 20 years of warranty.

Weather Seals

Our weather seals of ethylene propylene provide a tight seal, preventing noise, insects, and moisture intrusion.

Glass Options

Our windows profiles are compatible with various glass types, including float, tempered, and insulated glass.

Multipoint Locking

Our profiles feature multi-locking mechanisms, ensuring windows are secure and resistant to noise, air, and water leakage.

Friction Stay

This mechanism connects the sash and frame, enabling precise window opening. We use non-corrosive materials for durability and smooth operation.

Water Drain Holes

We strategically place these holes in the shutter and frame to prevent water entry and ensure efficient drainage without clogs.

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